“Neuromagic” was the name given to one of illusionist Victor Mids’ live shows that I attended back in November 2016, combining magic tricks with science. Mids is known for his popular television show “Mindf*ck”, watched by millions in the Netherlands, and book with the same title.

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Solarcentury Talk

Solarcentury is a solar energy company that builds and installs solar panels for both large and small scale projects, and is focused on fighting climate change by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Susannah Wood, Solarcentury’s Chief Marketing Officer, gave a talk where she addressed global energy issues and the benefits of solar energy.

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McLaren Talks

The car manufacturer McLaren held an afternoon of talks by various engineers and designers for students interested in automotive engineering, discussing the development and production of luxury sports cars and showcased their P1 hybrid.

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Neuroscience Talk
Piano test brain

Susan Greenfield recently presented an engaging lecture on neuroscience; “The 21st Century Brain: Impact of the digital world”, that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Art and Science Talk

Cosima Gretton is a doctor focused on combining the sciences and the arts, furthering the development of innovative design for improving healthcare. I attended a talk by Dr. Gretton and found I could agree with many of her points, as I support integration between the humanities and sciences, thinking students should be less pushed to […]

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